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Imagine really knowing who you are deep down, your purpose in life and that each day holds another opportunity to be present in life. You wake up every day with a sense of confidence and joy, knowing you create your day and will live it to the fullest. Going through your day without fear or any kind of hesitancy or worry because you believe in you. Your sense of self-worth and fulfilment are beyond what you thought was possible and you use it to live your life to the fullest.

Creating a better life starts with a sense of mindfulness, self-worth, and work-life balance. We can help you rediscover your true self and assist you in moving toward a deeper sense of fulfilment and inner freedom.

Our focus is on you, we have a therapeutic approach that is comfortable and is a safe space for you to explore all areas of your life. By listening to you and seeing what is needed, we help create inner personal growth and transformation so you can really experience what life is about. We are caring, loving and nurturing and offer guidance instead of instruction. Our unique approach is an awakening, and balancing the mind, body and spirit leads to a true inner self discovery.

Our purpose is to help you deeply transform your life and guide you while you discover and begin to trust your inner wisdom. You’ll discover your life purpose, which you may discover is far greater than yourself helping you to attain a deeper feeling of fulfilment you did not think was possible.

Our heart-centered approach to healing is a journey of self-discovery designed to remove barriers of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs. Removing these barriers creates deep healing that leads to the possibility of achieving your highest potential.

How it works 

1. We work together to calm your mind and stop the head chatter, you trust
2. You’ll start to experience your feelings, you begin to allow
3. You open your heart, you surrender
4. You go into who you are, you discover your true self
5. You begin your journey, you live life to the fullest

Enjoy Life

Live With A Positive Mindset

Live Your Best Life

Feel Fullfilled

I have learned so much about myself through working with John. I can now see a whole new level of myself that I didn’t know was there before.

Rosemary, Patient

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Change Your Life

About Intrinsic Self

We understand that there are times in your life when things just do not seem to make sense or are just too challenging to take on by yourself. That is why we are here. We help individuals who yearn to find their purpose in life or who may have experienced a life altering event, such as a death of a friend or family member, loss of a job, a near death experience, or simply have found themselves just feeling lost in their life.

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